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An excellent site for beginning and advanced knowledge about molds and fungi. The site has a magnitude of information available on-line as well as an instructional CD called "The Fifth Kingdom" that is, for all practical purposes, a well written and easily understandable course on mycology. If you really want to know about molds and what makes them tick - this is the place you want to go.
This is the site for the US Dept. Labor Occupational Health and Safety. Just about everything you want to know about work place health and safety is available here.
This is the home page for the Environmental Protection Agency. This site, as you might expect covers an array of environmentally related issues.
This specific area of the EPA site covers issues dealing with microbiologicals (including molds) and how they can affect your life, their assessment and mitigation.
This is the site for the CDC (Centers for Disease Control). A wealth of information is available through this site for topics covering health concerns in the US and worldwide.
A specific location within the CDC web site dealing with work place health and safety - including recommendations for new exposure standards, health and safety publications, and, the "NIOSH Pocket Guide" (down loadable) that contains information on several thousand chemicals.
If you have questions concerning problems that can exist in a home or building, this site is an incredible fountain of information and repair guides. If you have a question about your home or building - try here first.
One of the best sites on-line for information concerning molds and their health effects.